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Holidays are very special times and that same buzz from creating a successful business can be felt when we create the perfect holiday for you. I firmly believe it is important to provide honest, friendly and an informative service that customers can rely on time after time, this is instilled into the Team at Travel Four Seasons.

We’ve come so far since 2013, with some very loyal and much valued team members & clients. Moving from a small office into retail space and now into larger retail space at Maylands Plaza, winning awards along the way but most importantly helping create thousands of unique escapes for our clients.

You can trust the Travel Four Seasons team to ensure your next holiday is a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish

Sean fletcher, founder
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Passionate about Travel

The only people that survive working in Travel are those that are passionate about it and delivering each client the well earned holiday they deserve.         We’re lucky to have such people in our Team!
Kristan Fletcher

Supporting the Team

Lesley Keefe
Senior Travel Consultant

I have been in travel for over 17 years and travel is my passion, whether it’s me traveling or finding my clients their dream destination. I specialise in the Indian Ocean and Middle East and have visited many countries as well as the Indian Ocean / Middle East both personally and professionally including Caribbean, Bali, Australia, Europe and America . My personal attention to my clients does not end at the booking stage, it continues even when you are at your destination, I am always contactable with any questions you may have.

Maldives has to be my most favourite of all places as this is where eventually, after many years of being scared in deep water, I learnt how to snorkel which was a big achievement for me. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Whether you are looking to get married abroad, honeymooners, family, couples or friends wanting to get their dream destination, nothing will give me greater pleasure than to create your next dream with you.

Emma Gillott
Travel Consultant

I have always had a great passion for travel and the industry, whether this involves experiencing destinations first hand or by being able to create the perfect trips for others. Ever since I was young I wanted to work in travel. From having a background with the airlines to coming here at Travel Four Seasons, I’ve always been someone who experiences the same level of excitement going on holiday as I do just booking a holiday.

For me though, the one thing I consider most important in travel is the level of service you receive and I can honestly say that is one thing as a travel consultant here we never fail on.

There’s nothing more exciting than being able to create new memories, whether to be remembered in your mind, through photos, or through shared experiences. My ultimate favourite memory was when I spent 5 weeks working in South Africa. Many people may get a souvenir to remind themselves of an amazing trip, Me a cheetah bite, painful, but memorable! Aside from South Africa I’ve also spent time working in south-east Asia, both destinations I would highly recommend.

I love the thrill and excitement you can get from any holiday or trip you take, whether this involves a relaxing stay in the sun or a more adventurous one.

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